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Detecting if Reboot Required


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I work for an MSP and need a way of programmatically checking if a device needs a reboot. For the purposes of this question, assume I only have admin access to the machine itself, not any management consoles or web consoles, etc.


As an example, Avast have a Reboot.txt file that appears in it's program files folder when a reboot is needed. I can use this file's presence to detect that the machine needs a reboot.


I was hoping ESET would have something similar. I've set up a VM with an install of the trial, but it installed and didn't need a reboot to complete.


I did try and post this in the general chat but for some reason there was no option to post in that subforum.


Thanks in advance.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, can you please provide more details, for which reason would you need such functionality? 

ESET Endpoint have eRMM interface, that can theoretically populate data about the application statuses (reboot required is among them) to a 3rd party system. 

Also, as you have indicated that you work for an MSP, it´s quite non standard, that MSP will operate a software without proper management console. 


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I have coded a small app that runs on client machines on the hour every hour and checks certain variables to see if a machine requires a reboot. If it does, the user is alerted via popup of the reason for the reboot.


We use labtech as our RMM and while it does have a built in popup system for alerting users of reboots, it doesn't cover all the cases in which we'd like to alert the user of a required reboot. We also wanted to consolidate the reboot requests into one branded popup, so things like feature updates, AV updates, if we as administrators request a reboot, etc would all trigger the same popup with reasons a reboot is required.


It's a WPF app written in C# so anything that can be checked like a file, reg flag, or WMI check would be useful. 


We've started taking on clients recently that are already using ESET and have no reason to change. When it was just a couple of clients using ESET, I wasn't too worried about detecting the reboots. Now the ESET user base is increasing, I'd like to get it included.

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Yes, we run it on all clients. I can't post the whole app, but I'd be happy to post some code snippets that will give a decent idea of how to make your own.

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