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  1. Hi Thomas, My solution is the following: 1.: - I created a dynamic group for collect the computers with error message "Restart required" : 2.: - Then I defined a CRON triggered task for send a pop-up window message into the affected computers: "Hello Collegue, please restart your computer as soon as possible because an ESET software update...bla..bla" or something like this You can configure the CRON for example launch the message hourly, every 10 minutes or as you want It works pretty fine
  2. Hello All, As a friendly reminder I would like ask again: do you have any update for me? Thank you for your reply in advance
  3. Hello All, As a friendly reminder I would like ask again: do you have any update for me? Thank you for your reply in advance
  4. Hello Marcos, I tried again the upgrade from EES 7.1.20xxx to EES 7.3.2032.0 on five computers. It fiished on two but failed on three clients. I got the following error messages when started the ees_nt64.msi installer manually: then After this I started the esetuninstaller.exe in safe mode and reinstalled the EES, it helped as always. Do you have any news concerning my previously uploaded log files? Thank you.
  5. Dear Marcos, I uploaded the contain of the folder C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs from the affected computer, then started the LogCollector on it. You find the results in the attached files. The test installation task was started on 29.05.2020 Thank you for your efforts in advance. ELC_logs.zip install_report.pdf Logs.zip
  6. Dear ESET staff, I had a topic with same contain, but it is already archived: The older version of ESET Endpoint Security cannot be removed https://forum.eset.com/topic/22216-the-older-version-of-eset-endpoint-security-cannot-be-removed/ So, I was happy because the EES 7.3.2032.0 release, as you can in read my previous archived topic I had a lot of problems with the version 7.2.2055.0 . For testing I triggered an EES upgrade task from EES 7.1.20xx version to EES 7.3.2032 on three computers. The upgrade finished on two computers but failed on one with the known error
  7. Hi ThomasMC, Based on my experiences, the best way to solve the Double Pulsar problem to identify the source computer then intall the ESET system on it also. The Double Pulsar scan the network and try to find further unprotected computers. This scan process cause a lot of warning messages from the right protected clients - time to time and again and again from each of them. So, do not search the problem on your screenshot listed clients, but check the "OBJECT" column for the source IP and try to identify the unprotected computer. I hope I helped.
  8. Dear ESET experts, I would like inform you that the expand buttons on the latest version of the ESMC Console are disappear from time to time, then come back again: Accurately, they are still exist but are invisible. This "feature" appeared after the ESMC upgrade. The ESMC Console version is: I hope I helped.
  9. Indeed, it is really annoying to re-hide a and browse trough the whole folder structure each time when I click on the "Computers" manu option. Click-click-click to roll down the structure, then check for example the state of the tasks then again click-click-click for reopen the right subfolder under the "Computers". The previous version was more user friendly.
  10. Hello ESET Team, For your information only I would like to inform you about the following issue. 1.: I tried to update the EES to the latest version 7.2.2055.0, but it is failed a several times. (Task failed, try to install software manually) 2.: The client is a Windows 7 / 32 bit industrial computer 3.: I tried to start the installer msi manually, but got a really interesting error message: "ESET Endpoint Security wird auf Ihrer veralteten Version von Microsoft Windows nicht mehr unterstützt."
  11. Dear ESET staff, Did you find something in my preeviously sent log files? Could you please recommend me a solution? Thank you and best regards
  12. Dear ESET experts, It seems the manual uninstallation in Windiows 10 safe mode works on remote computers also. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and have to get permission from the colleagues from an another time zone and so on - not so funny on several dozen of problematic clients. My question vould be, which is the problematic component of the three new - see upper. Is there any info concerning this matter? Maybe do you plan to fix this issue by a new software release?
  13. Sorry Marcos, we are talking about remote computers, so it is not possible to fix them on the known Restart safe mode > Start the uninstaller > Restart in normal mode > Reinstall the ESET way, as we can read it on the manual called [KB2289] Uninstall ESET manually using the ESET uninstaller. I did it on the past a lot of times on Windows 7 but I was never able to do it on Windows 10. My available remote managemet tools are the following: - Remote Desktop (mstsc) - Funk Proxy Master - TeamViewer The affected cca 90 computers with failed update are for example in Mex
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