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  1. Description: Improved Dynamic Group Templates possibilities Details: It would be useful a possibilities during the Dynamic Group Template creation a "but not" option. For example: "Security risk" but not "A computer restart is required" and not "Virus signature database is out of date". An another solution would be a radio button field for choose the interesting and unnecesary warning/error messages. For better understanding, I see a lot of "red" computers in my console because the reasons upper, but most of them are inactive for a couple of weeks. These clients will turn to "green" state shortly when they will connect to the network again. With the improved dynamic group options I would be able to define a group for check the really ineteresting issues.
  2. Description: Trigger tasks based a definied activity time frame Details: Maybe it would be useful a possibilities to create tasks for a group of computers wich were active in a specifield time frame. For example "if they were not active during on the last two weeks" or "if they are active at the moment". Description: Delete the duplicated computers automatically Details: Day by day I find "duplicated" computers on the system. I created a report to find these computers (Group by: Computer name and Count: Computer), then time to time I delete the older entryes. It is a bit confusing. Description: Make a task chain Details: It would be wonderful a new possibility to make a task chain. For example: Task 1: Update the EES Task 2: Trigger a pop-up window on the affected client (Please restart your computer or Your computer will restart in 60 minutes) Task 3: Wait 60 minutes Task 4: Restart the client
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