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  1. Hello All, As a friendly reminder I would like ask again: do you have any update for me? Thank you for your reply in advance
  2. Hello All, As a friendly reminder I would like ask again: do you have any update for me? Thank you for your reply in advance
  3. Hello Marcos, I tried again the upgrade from EES 7.1.20xxx to EES 7.3.2032.0 on five computers. It fiished on two but failed on three clients. I got the following error messages when started the ees_nt64.msi installer manually: then After this I started the esetuninstaller.exe in safe mode and reinstalled the EES, it helped as always. Do you have any news concerning my previously uploaded log files? Thank you.
  4. Dear Marcos, I uploaded the contain of the folder C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs from the affected computer, then started the LogCollector on it. You find the results in the attached files. The test installation task was started on 29.05.2020 Thank you for your efforts in advance. ELC_logs.zip install_report.pdf Logs.zip
  5. Dear ESET staff, I had a topic with same contain, but it is already archived: The older version of ESET Endpoint Security cannot be removed https://forum.eset.com/topic/22216-the-older-version-of-eset-endpoint-security-cannot-be-removed/ So, I was happy because the EES 7.3.2032.0 release, as you can in read my previous archived topic I had a lot of problems with the version 7.2.2055.0 . For testing I triggered an EES upgrade task from EES 7.1.20xx version to EES 7.3.2032 on three computers. The upgrade finished on two computers but failed on one with the known error message: SoftwareInstallation: Installation failed with: (0x643), Fatal error during installation (0x643), The older version of ESET Endpoint Security cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. , see software-install.log for more information loc... I known, the recommended solution is log on the affected computer, restart it in safe mode, run the remover tool called esetuninstaller.exe, reboot again in normal mode and reinstall the ESET. I manage more than 3500 computers in Europe, Asia and Americas. If the software update will fail on the 33% of these computers and I have to log in remotelly on each computers for fix the failed updates in safe mode, I will be in a huge trouble... Could you please advise a solution or a best practice concerning my next steps? What can I do? Thank's a lot for your help in advance. Best regards
  6. Description: Improved Dynamic Group Templates possibilities Details: It would be useful a possibilities during the Dynamic Group Template creation a "but not" option. For example: "Security risk" but not "A computer restart is required" and not "Virus signature database is out of date". An another solution would be a radio button field for choose the interesting and unnecesary warning/error messages. For better understanding, I see a lot of "red" computers in my console because the reasons upper, but most of them are inactive for a couple of weeks. These clients will turn to "green" state shortly when they will connect to the network again. With the improved dynamic group options I would be able to define a group for check the really ineteresting issues.
  7. Description: Trigger tasks based a definied activity time frame Details: Maybe it would be useful a possibilities to create tasks for a group of computers wich were active in a specifield time frame. For example "if they were not active during on the last two weeks" or "if they are active at the moment". Description: Delete the duplicated computers automatically Details: Day by day I find "duplicated" computers on the system. I created a report to find these computers (Group by: Computer name and Count: Computer), then time to time I delete the older entryes. It is a bit confusing. Description: Make a task chain Details: It would be wonderful a new possibility to make a task chain. For example: Task 1: Update the EES Task 2: Trigger a pop-up window on the affected client (Please restart your computer or Your computer will restart in 60 minutes) Task 3: Wait 60 minutes Task 4: Restart the client
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