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Confusion about "Latest application version"

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I'm managing 150 computers with Windows 10 using ESET Remote Administrator.

If I go to Dashboard -> ESET applications -> Outdated applications, then I see computers that I can group by either "Application version" or "Latest application version". The computers with ESET Management Agent version 7.0.471.0 have 8.0.2216.0 as "Latest application version", while the ones with version 7.0.577.0 have 8.0.1238.0 as "Latest application version".

Question 1: Why do they have a different "Latest application version" - shouldn't they all be 8.0.2216.0?

Question 2: Does this mean that if I create a task to update all the Management Agents to v8.0.2216.0, then some of the computers won't be able to do that, because their latest version is 8.0.1238.0?


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8.0.2216.0 is the latest Agent for Linux, 8.0.1238.0 is the latest Agent for Windows

The upgrade task references your Eset Protect Server for the latest version. It should automatically select the correct one for each OS.

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  • ESET Staff

As mentioned in previous comment, difference is only platform. But you do not have to bother with that, component upgrade task used for upgrading AGENTs is platform-independent, it will automatically select proper platform and latest "compatible" version available for your (= or targeted) version of ESMC/PROTECT.

Unfortunately in older versions, version check has not considered "compatibility" part, i.e. it might have happened that version checks shows latest globally available version, but upgrade would result in older version actually installed, just to be compatible with older ESMC server used.

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