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Intermittent Timeout Issues with Specific Websites - ESET Related?

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Hey All,

I've been trying to figure out why I can't reliably resolve and load a few of my websites via my home internet connection since September 2020. 

The sites I am unable to reliably load are:



Sometimes they will load just fine.  Other times, they will time out.  If they do load, they'll time out if I refresh the page every few minutes or so.

At first, I thought it was a problem with my server hosting the above domains, my server's ISP, and then my home ISP (Xfinity).  But now, I'm thinking it's ESET related?  I booted into Ubuntu 20.04 (which obviously does not run any ESET products), and I don't appear to be having issues anymore with those sites.  Does ESET interfere with the loading of websites?  Why would I be able to load the above sites fine at times and other times, they time out?

Does anyone else running the latest version of Smart Security (version 14.x) have this issue when loading the above websites?  What settings should I adjust in ESET? 


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Tested the sites for you and they load fine for me (in the uk)

Maybe a problem with your isp , or the routing from your isp to the host ?

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