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Every minutes my windows will pop up with " ESET Smart Security . Add has been blocked URL add "Datacardsearch.info" 

IP add : I did computer scan but didn't find anything. google search nothing. 

How can I stop that alert??? Anyone? Thank You


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It sounds like a legitimate block that's coming from your browser since it references port 80.

Normally i would say, don't visit the domain in question "Datacardsearch.info"


It may be that you have a browser hijacker installed that continues to try and navigate you there.

Best advice would be to call in to customer care or your local authorized support/dealer, and have them remove it.


Keep in mind, ESET products protect and removes threats, but it does not perform maintenance tasks for which other windows tools are available for such. (In this scenario probably Task Scheduler)


If you would like to solve on your own, i can recommend downloading a program called CCleaner which will allow you to delete temp files, and remove unwanted registry items.

This tool has a section for start-up items, for each browser you have installed there will be a tab with its respective name. Under here you may be able to remove what you need.

After this, perform a clean reset to defaults for each of your browsers, for IE this is in Internet Options > Advanced, Firefox you type in "about:support" in the browser then choose reset on the right.


Let us know if you get this resolved.

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Please send the output of running ESET Log Collector as per the instructions here to ESET as per the instructions here to samples[at]eset.com with a link to this topic enclosed.

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