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NOD32 keeps blocking internet access?


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Once my computer has booted up and NOD32 does its standard startup(check & update virus signature and startup scan) everything is fine but after a random amount of the time whether my computer is sitting idle or I am using it I have zero access to the internet. When this happens the NOD32 taskbar icon is constantly spinning and when I move my mouse over the icon it says "Startup scan...". The only way to stop NOD32 from doing whatever its doing is to force quit "egui.exe" from the Windows Task Manager but after some time has passed NOD32 will do this again over and over. This started happening the other day (July 7, 2020) and the only way to fix this was to uninstall NOD32. I have not updated anything with NOD32 or updated any other software on my computer. The only thing that has changed is when NOD32 updates its virus signature.

I've attached a quick gif indicating what it is doing. It never stops doing this (spinning and apparently doing a "Startup scan...") and the connection between my computer to my internet modem is lost; force quitting "egui.exe" through the Windows Task Manager reestablishes my internet connectivity temporarily but NOD32 does this again over and over. Only permanent solution is to uninstall NOD32.

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Egui is just responsible for displaying the UI, it cannot block network communication. Did you install ESET NOD32 Antivirus 14.0 ? Are you able to ping hosts? Does temporarily pausing protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference?

Please carry on as follows:
- enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for tech. support
- reboot the machine
- reproduce the issue
- disable logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.

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