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ESET FDE is installed but encryption is not started on them


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Dear All,


I have a couple of systems where FDE is installed but encryption is not started on them.


From the ESMC I can't see any report or notification as to why the encryption is unable to start. I understand I can check this from the system itself but going from system to system to check this is not exactly feasible.


Also, I am trying to generate a report that will show me systems that FDE is not started on them but I can't see any item to add to reports that will show this. I have to start checking the status from system to system which is quite cumbersome.


Kindly assist.


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  • ESET Staff

Hello @mayowa,

thanks for reaching out.

1. have you already applied Encryption policy onto those machines? Above you only describe that the EFDE is installed on machines, but nothing about policy...

2. If an Encryption policy has been applied already, you should see why it still did not initiate. This is visible on "Computer details" screen -> Encryption tile


Reports have not been implemented yet, but we will bring EFDE reports into ESMC in 3 weeks.


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