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Command to backup dbase on older ERA OVA versions

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Wanting to do a Database Backup and Restore to new ESMC OVA. The ERA 6.5 I am trying to backup does not have the "Backup Database" option on the console window. This was likely a 6.2 or 6.3 appliance that got upgraded but none of the other items that should be there for ERA 6.5 OVA. Is there a way to backup the current database via terminal window to a file and then I will move it over to the new Appliance. If I move it to /root/era-backup.sql when I do the Database restore will it see it and bring in the raw data to new ESMC OVA? 


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Have you considered to use "Pull database" mechanisms offered by recent version of ESMC appliance to perform migration? In this case, whole process is automatized and only SSH access to original ERA/ESMC appliance. I would just recommend to backup whole old appliance before procedure is started, even that this procedure does not modify original appliance in any way, as just export of database is performed via SSH connection.

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@MartinK I know the easy way is through the GUI but per my post I mentioned there are some instances of ERA 6.5 OVA that do not have this and it is likely because the previous version they had (example OVA 6.2) never came with this and when they did components upgrade it did not bring it over.  Also I would like to know this command because the OVA MDC Appliance also does not have option to backup database and I was wondering if there is easy command to accomplish this. 

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