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Failing to update AGENT from 6.4 to 7.2

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Good day everyone,

I'm having an issue upgrading ESET agents from 6.4 to 7.2.

We recently upgraded from ERA to ESCM and after the first round of agent updates some machines did not update.

It seems like all of the machines in question might be running the 6.4 version.

Tried the Security Management Center Components Upgrade task, they all come back as TASK FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY, but the agents remain in the original version.

What can I do (that doesn't involve me manually updating every agent)?

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  • Administrators

Try running the agent msi installer and see if a server-assisted installation also fails with an error. If so, you could create an install log by running the msi with the "/lvx* inst.log" parameter.

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But that's my problem..

If I have to physically go to the clients company in order to do that I might aswell just install all the other agents I have missing..

If there's nothing else that can be tried remotely I'll just have to schedule an appointment and install them manually..

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately most probably reason is that upgrade from ERA 6.4 to ESMC 7.2 is no longer supported directly. Manual upgrade should work, but it was probably not tested. Also any available installation method available in ESMC should be enough to upgrade problematic AGENTs.

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