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  1. So I think the issue is that some users are shutting down the PCs, and at the start of day the ESET scan immediatly starts scanning and shuts down the machines..
  2. @Marcos Sorry, took a while.. This is what I got (zip attached).. It's happening to several users.. Doesn't seem to an issue with hibernation.. ees_logs.zip
  3. Hello, I'm having some issues with ESET ENDPOINT in a new installation. I've created several on-demand scan tasks (scan+shutdown) for the different departments, all starting either late in the evening or at early dawn. The problem is that a few machines are doing said scans at the beggining of the day (9 AM) and than shutting down the machines while the users are trying to work. Here's a summary from one of the affected tasks: Trigger Description Scan and Shutdown - Administração Daily; every 1 day(s); starts: 2020 Feb 6 02:00:00; with no end; Local time; Invoke ASAP If Event Missed: No; Random Delay Interval: 0 second(s) It's set to 2AM, yet some of the machines started at the start of the day: gerencia01 - 2020 Feb 6 09:15:27 - Information: C:\;D:\ - 53735200 - Completed - 2020 Feb 6 09:19:12 / On-demand scanner admin01 - 2020 Feb 6 08:58:06 - Information: C:\;D:\ - 63930600 - Completed - 2020 Feb 6 09:10:49 / On-demand scanner The other PCs in the same group all started at 2AM and completed without any issues before the start of the business day.. This is happening with other PCs in different groups aswell.. Any ideas would be appreciated..
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