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  1. Sorry, missread what you wrote.. I'll check via .MSI push.
  2. But that's my problem.. If I have to physically go to the clients company in order to do that I might aswell just install all the other agents I have missing.. If there's nothing else that can be tried remotely I'll just have to schedule an appointment and install them manually..
  3. Hello Marcos, thank you for the reply. When you say the agent MSI installer, do you mean to run the installer from the website on the target machine?
  4. Good day everyone, I'm having an issue upgrading ESET agents from 6.4 to 7.2. We recently upgraded from ERA to ESCM and after the first round of agent updates some machines did not update. It seems like all of the machines in question might be running the 6.4 version. Tried the Security Management Center Components Upgrade task, they all come back as TASK FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY, but the agents remain in the original version. What can I do (that doesn't involve me manually updating every agent)?
  5. So I think the issue is that some users are shutting down the PCs, and at the start of day the ESET scan immediatly starts scanning and shuts down the machines..
  6. @Marcos Sorry, took a while.. This is what I got (zip attached).. It's happening to several users.. Doesn't seem to an issue with hibernation.. ees_logs.zip
  7. Hello, I'm having some issues with ESET ENDPOINT in a new installation. I've created several on-demand scan tasks (scan+shutdown) for the different departments, all starting either late in the evening or at early dawn. The problem is that a few machines are doing said scans at the beggining of the day (9 AM) and than shutting down the machines while the users are trying to work. Here's a summary from one of the affected tasks: Trigger Description Scan and Shutdown - Administração Daily; every 1
  8. Good morning MartinK. There is no PROXY in use. And the firewall is not set to block connections. ---//--- Ok, MartinK, I checked the firewalls settings, everything seems OK, BUT, when we installed the firewall we forgot to change the gateway on the ERA server.. After changing that and the DNS everything seems to be OK. Sorry for wasting your time.. Thx alot for the help, keep up the good work..
  9. Wireshark log is here... Not sure if this is what you want. These were under /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server Wiresharklog.zip Logs.zip
  10. Good morning. I was trying to update several instalations of ESET Endpoint security by creating a new install task with the latest ESET release. But I'm not able to do so, because the repository list is empty and displays the message NO DATA AVAILABLE. Tried different browsers, tried restarting the ERA server. No luck. The hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/info.meta link does prompt for the file download (so I assume there's a connection being made). We're also not using any proxies.. Tried changing the repository path from AUTOSELECT to the repository path, but no luck. Any ideas
  11. It's Portuguese, but close enough:).. The scan was set to full, I've changed it to smart scan to test (don't have feedback yet). It's a standart 500gbs HDD. Scanning for C:\ only.
  12. I'm guessing theres nothing to be done?
  13. UPDATE Went to the client to check out the logs. Tried to export, but probably missed something because it only exported : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <ESET> <LOG> <RECORD> <COLUMN NAME="Hora">23-10-2018 01:00:00</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Pastas rastreadas">C:\</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Rastreadas">3072021</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Infectadas">0</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Limpas">0</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Status">Concluído</COLUMN>
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