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Hi, I am using ESET Anti-Theft, and it says, "Windows Accounts are Not Password Protected."  That's not true; all my Windows (XP) accounts are password-protected.  The Guest account is off.  What can I do to optimize Anti-Theft?


Like some others, I also had a new user account added to my computer, but since I saw it was an ESET problem and probably not a hacker, I feel better.



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Maybe your admin account is turned on ?

In Xp i think you can only see it from Safemode.

Try restarting in safe mode or type this from elevated cmd prompt.

"Net user administrator xxxxx"

Where xxxxx = your chosen password.

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I have no life. :)


Metaller takes precedence on who to receive information and support from however... ;)


Reach out to us again SassyDevil if you require additional assistance.

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