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Computers loose contact with Security Management Center.


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We are preparing to update customers from Endpoint 7.2 to 7.3.  However, we have discovered that a large number of the computers have lost their connection to the ESET Security Management Center.  However, the clients are not starting that there is an issue with the connection on their end.




We have updated the Client from 7.2 to 7.3 and it did not help.  We have also completely uninstalled the client and reinstalled it, and again, it did not help.  The client still shows as licensed, that connection has not been broken.  I have attached the logs of two separate clients for you to review.ees_logs.zip

Please let us know if you need any additional information from us on this.

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ESMC logs were not selected in ELC so they were not collected. Please check C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\status.html and trace.log on the troublesome clients for possible errors. You can also upload the logs here.

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  • ESET Staff
On 10/8/2020 at 5:37 PM, MIke_RITE said:

WSL.ziptrace.log  Here are the files from one of the locations.  It is the one we updated.  I will grab the others later.

Unfortunately it is not clear from logs where exactly is problem, but it is definitely network related. I would recommend to check whether clients can actually resolve hostname of your ESMC (visible in logs) and also please verify that clients can actually access ESMC server on used ports. Maybe there were changes in network, VPN or firewall configuration?

I would also recommend to verify whether restarting of ESMC server itself won't, but that might be just last resort in case it won't be clear what is the problem.

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