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ESMC shows incorrect version in web ui

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You won't see the version of release in the ESMC console. According to https://support.eset.com/en/kb3690, the release consists of the following components:

Component Operation System Component Version
Agent Linux 7.2.2233.0
macOS 7.2.3261.0
Windows 7.2.1266.0
Migration Tool Windows
Migration Assistant Windows
Mirror Tool Linux 1.0.2109.0
Windows 1.0.1149.0
Mobile Device Connector Linux 7.2.5216.0
Windows 7.2.4206.0
Rogue Detection Sensor Linux 1.1.615.1
Windows 1.1.693.1
Server Linux 7.2.2236.0
Windows 7.2.1278.0
Apache HTTP Server with HTTP Proxy Windows
Apache Tomcat Windows 9.0.35
WinPcap Windows 4.1.3
Web Console Platform-independent
Remote Deployment Tool Windows
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