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Actually i am using eset antivirus for 4 years and this year is the worst


i got the same virus 6 times and i am formatting my laptop every time, wont renew again bad experience 

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Please provide more details on the "virus". Did ESET fail to detect it? If so, how do you know that you got a virus? What version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus do you have installed?

To start off, I'd recommend uploading logs collected with ESET Log Collector for ESET staff here.

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I'd also add if your getting the same virus multiple times then something must be wrong because formatting your PC would wipe it. An antivirus will never be 100 percent.

If your constantly getting Infected I'd recommend checking the sites you visit and anywhere or software you use to download things. Also check any connected devices including your router.

As Marcos also mentions making sure you have the latest version of eset is also important as older versions can lack new features and improvements. Also making sure your computer is up to date is important to as if its unpatched it's basically like having a massive hole.

I'm also wondering what you saw. It might be that eset detected, blocked and quarantined the virus

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There are malware variants that can persist after a HDD reformat; especially if it was a quick reformat. This type of malware "hides" usually in the un-allocated portion of the drive outside of any formatted partitions. As such, it is "invisible" to conventional security software.

In instances like this, a full "disk wipe" must be performed using a method known commonly in the U.S. as a "DOD"; i.e. Dept. of Defense, disk reformat specification. This is effect makes multiple passes on the drive writing binary zeros. This process can take many hours and possibly days on a large HDD. Some opt to pitch the drive and buy a new one rather than wait for the above to complete.

Note: I am not referring to a "low level" formatting of the drive. In most cases, that will destroy a HDD.

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