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Issues with ESET and Audio Interface?


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I am setting up a digital audio workstation (DAW) and have been having issues with the audio interface not working.  It's brand new, a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.  Actually, I have another one, a Tascam US1x2, also very new.  The DAW I'm using is Presonus Studio One v5.  I had a tech from Presonus remotely access my computer and he could not get it working.  My computer (Widows 10) is fine and the DAW software is fine but I get no signal when trying to enter data and no sound.

I am in touch with Focusite and waiting for tech support and they sent me a few articles to read while waiting to see if the info will resolve my issue.  One thing we never discussed is if anti-virus software could be interfering with the process.  This article (below) does not specifically name ESET but I thought I'd check to see if anybody has this issue, and if there is a way of resolving it.

Here is the article: 

This article applies to 1st Generation Scarlett audio interfaces only. Scarlett 2nd Gen interfaces are not affected.

We have recently become aware of an issue where on some Windows systems that have AVG / AVAST Antivirus software installed, one of, or a combination of the following problems may occur when recording or playing back audio in ASIO applications (such as Cubase, Ableton, Reaper etc)

  • the playhead of the project will not move when the ‘Play’ icon has been clicked.
  • the project may play through, but no audio will meter or be heard.
  • playback may be glitchy / unstable at all buffer sizes. 

This does not affect audio playback from applications that use ‘WDM’, such as web browsers, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Spotify etc. Playback from these sources are unaffected. 

*Update 10/5/17* - Fix. Whilst disabling or removing AVG & AVAST will resolve this, we have also received reports (and have verified this ourselves on a number of systems) that the latest update to both these programs fixes the problem. Therefore, the first step is to update AVG & AVAST to the latest versions. 

If updating the software does not have any impact, please disable / un-install the software. You will need to re-start your computer for this to take effect.

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Does the issue go away after:
- pausing protection modules?
- disabling HIPS and rebooting the machine?
- temporarily uninstalling ESET?

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I found it.  I had to turn off the HIPS and reboot and then I went back into ESET and turned off everything.  I plugged in my two devices (audio interface and midi keyboard) fired up Studio One and the interface didn't work.  No sound.  No ability to record a track.  One thing I noticed that was very odd...I have numerous third party VST plugins and when I click on one, it opens a panel from which I select what I want.  They weren't working. 

I'd really like to hear something from the ESET techs about whether what I'm proposing (that ESET could be interfering with the DAW) before I uninstall EVERYTHING and reinstall. 

Do ESET techs monitor this forum? 

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  • ESET Moderators


@Marcos is a very senior technical specialist approaching two decades of experience with ESET's software.

You can rest assured that if he asks you to perform a series of steps to help troubleshoot an issue, he has good reason for doing so.


Aryeh Goretsky, rMVP, ZCSE
Distinguished Researcher

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I have a question:  Has this been an issue in the past, ESET interfering with the function of certain types of software, in this case, audio?  I recall years ago I had a MAJOR issue with AV software and another audio-driven application, Finale notation software, and I do believe I was using ESET AV at the time. 

Does ESET have history with this sort of issue?


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