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Urgently need help. BSOD + hanging PC's

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Hello everyone,


This will be a long post but I will add a TL;DR version at the bottom. 


We've got 1048 PC's that we've recently bought ESET Endpoint Security licenses for, we're upgrading from Symantec Endpoint Protection. So after we installed about 400 machines, we realized the machines were getting really slow, hanging, getting bluescreens, and the HDD light is constantly burning / processes running very high. 


I immediately contact our local South African Eset helpdesk, and they told me to install the new version  EES 5.0.2228.1 up from 5.0.2225.0. The remote upgrade didn't work, so I had to start all over again (we don't have an Active Directory, so we install it manually). 


This made things even worse, PC's with the 5.0.2228.1 version were worse off than before. 


We already established it wasn't a driver issue. Windows updates were done, all AV updates were done, nothing helps. 


We took a machine and formatted it completely and just loaded ESET and it still gives intermittent bluescreens. It's not every machine that does that, only about 50 so far. But that's 50 angry people who can't work... 


I've captured memory.dmp files, even though sometimes they don't leave any memory.dmp files behind, I run DumpConfigurator.hta and simulate a BSOD and then collect the memory.dmp file. I've submitted it to ESET HQ, but they haven't responded yet. 


The only way I can get the machines to function normally again, is to uninstall ESET. When the processes runs high, and the hard drive light is constantly on, I disable ESET's real-time protection and firewall, and the whole machine goes back to idle. 


The BSOD error and STOP code I get looks like the follow: 




Stop: 0x0000007A (0xX0418680, 0xC000000E, 0x232F6860, 0x830D0160) 

Please, I really don't know what to do anymore. 




We've installed ESET on 400+ machines and getting freezing, hanging blue screen of deaths as a result. Only thing that solves it is removing ESET. See BSOD message above. 




Any help would be appreciated! 

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Unfortunately, I was unable to find your ticket related to this issue. The South African distributor doesn't seem to have any ticket related to BSOD open at the moment.

Please pm me with more information that would help locate your ticket. You can also include a download url with the dump.

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