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  1. I've been running "Eset 32 4 Linux" happily for the past few months with no issues. Suddenly today I started having problems with the daemon. On boot up my computer started running extremely slow and froze for about five minutes. Looking at the logs I noticed there were a long stream of problems related to the ESET demon. The logs are attached below in full but what was basically repeated was: Cannot send message "Cannot scan: Daemon closed connection": Resource temporarily unavailable Cannot read from socket: Resource temporarily unavailable Cannot send message "Cannot read from socket
  2. Hello, What we have about 10 Dell PCs with the following configuration - Windows 10 Pro (some PCs are 1709 and the others are 1703) - Corporate network environment (Active Directory, etc...) - SSD Drive - Windows Defender is OFF - ESET Idle scanning is OFF - ESET Endpoint Security 6.6.2064.0 - ESET Remote Administrator Agent 6.5.522.0 - ESET Remote Administrator (Server, Linux), Version 6.5 (6.5.417.0)
  3. Hi, I don’t know if this appends to anyone else but to me it does. So problematic that the only solutions it’s the removal of ESET. When i turn on my mac and after insertion of password it will freeze as soon as it connects to the web. If I start the mac and immediately turn off the wifi card it will work fine, soon as I turn it on... guess, the umbrella comes alive and stays there for nearly 2 to 5 minutes in some occasion. after that it will work fine. When this appends some apps still work, and as soon as see the eset logo it on screen because i clicked to open av in order to s
  4. I have been running Eset Nod32 on Ubuntu 14.04 for a year or so with no problems. As soon as I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.1, I have been unable to run Eset because the Eset daemon completely consumes the CPU and drags the OS to a near halt. When i uninstall Eset and reboot the computer returns to normal. When I reinstall Eset, the problems return. I can't keep Eset installed anymore. Has anyone experienced this problem and found a work around? Can anyone run Eset on Ubuntu 16.04.1 successfully? BTW, my license is current and active. Thanks.
  5. On a fresh install of nod32 antivirus on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I first set Apparmor to "complain" mode for all profiles and then went through the instructions in the ESET KB article 3723 to create an eset.service file under /lib/systemd/system and start service using systemctl: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3723/?locale=en_US However, now I'm seeing multiple version update messages from esets_gui, and syslog is filled with messages from esets_gui, esets_daemon, systemd, and others: warning: Cannot read from socket: Resource temporarily unavailable error: Cannot get setup from dae
  6. Hi, so I've been having this problem for a week or so and I can't find a way to fix it. My ESET Personal Firewall + Windows Firewall are turned off for some random reason. It says that I should immediately restart my PC. I restarted it and I got the same message again. I tried re-installing it and nothing happened. When I tried to turn on Windows Firewall it didn't let me because of ESET. I'm using ESET Internet Security 10.0.369.0. Here are some screen shots: I'm usingg Windows 10 Pro. If anyone could help me please reply to this post.
  7. So after I upgraded my ESET to 6.0 my internet started crashing when I search for online servers and community servers in for example games like Counter-Strike, I've allowed these programs in ESET under network settings (in this case its steamwebhelper.exe, steam.exe and csgo.exe). I sent a support request and he told me to upgrade to 6.4 so I started windows in safe mode and uninstalled 6.0 and installed new 6.4 but still thing still happends. My internet just stops for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) until it gets back up. This does not happend when I have ESET disabled so I think this is
  8. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a problem with eset. I hope somebody can help me with this. I installed Eset yesterday on my iMac, and the whole installation went smooth (it also downloaded the latest version). Immediately after it was installed it also ran perfectly. Until I turned on my Mac this morning. It started up perfectly, but once everything was done, the fun started. No single application would load a 100%. So if I would open chrome, the chrome window frame would be visible, but no content would load. After 5 minutes chrome would show a pop-up asking me if I want to kill the
  9. the sbs server wlll lock up. we do not receive or send any email out. Mail is cached on the server somewhere. in both directions. A complete restart is needed in order to fix this issue
  10. Hello Everyone, We have started the migration from ESET EndPoint AV 5.x to EndPoint AV 6.4 latest build. Since the update on the workstation we get issue with our domain logon script : The affected OS is Windows 7 Pro x64 confirmed, on others OS I have no information if they are affected or not. The issue description is : 1) We use a logon script for our domain users that connected the drive share and network printers to the users. The script is created by Kixtart tool. The script is define in the logon script field in the AD for each user. 2) We have the GPO "Computer\Admin Te
  11. Hello Everyone, We have started the migration from ESET EndPoint AV 5.x to EndPoint AV 6.4 latest build. Since the update on the workstation we get issue with our domain logon script : The affected OS is Windows 7 Pro x64 confirmed, on others OS I have no information if they are affected or not. The issue description is : 1) We use a logon script for our domain users that connected the drive share and network printers to the users. The script is created by Kixtart tool. The script is define in the logon script field in the AD for each user. 2) We have the GPO "Computer\Admin Te
  12. Hi All, I am unable to login ERA server. Please find status.html, it seems server is overloaded. Please suggest what I am supposed to do to resolve this situation. status.html
  13. Hi all, We have been having an issue with our file server when at random times, it would freeze and would need to be physically shutdown and restarted. This has been happening for a while so Monday, I disabled ESET Endpoint (5.0.2214) and it has not froze since. My guess is that the real-time protection is causing the problem, but not sure the best way to sort it. Any advice would be appreciated. We are running ESET Server (5.3.39) and console (5.3.39). Cheers
  14. I am running Kubuntu 16.04 (although same happens with Ubuntu 16.04), I have a Nvidia GPU. Once I have installed nod32, I cannot install any kernel or nvidia updates to my system. To make matters worse when changing the nvidia package it leave apt in a broken state with uninstalled nvidia driver, if I were to reboot in that state I would have an unbootable system (at least to the desktop) If I either try to upgrade the kernel package or change the nvidia driver apt gets stuck - I believe this is due to re-creating the initrd file... i.e (during a kernel update) .... run-parts: executing /
  15. Hello Team After install Eset V.9 or V8 new builds on Windows 8.1 Pro System Hang On Startup. I troubleshoot startup all is ok when i disabled eset service (ekrn.exe) or rename ekrn.exe also check try to delay but same issue system hangs on startup. i attach some log to you form sys inspector please check it & reply me soon. Regards Vimarsh.P Intel_NUC.zip
  16. in three workgroup machine I installed Eset endpoint antivirus latest version ,after that while opening outlook, showing "updating folder" and not receiving any emails, we have 10 more licenses but i stop the installation because of this crazy things from eset !!! please help me to solve this issues
  17. As per the title, I have a new laptop (MSI) with a windows 10 installation and the installation process for smart security freezes at 2% with the process 'stopping services' The laptop is a factory install and I've already updated windows to the latest patch. I uninstalled norton beforehand....
  18. Hello, I have this issue for few months already. Few times a week, my Mac partially freezes for a minute or so. It looks like it freezes every IO request because GUI is usually working (I can move windows, switch desktops...), but any action which involves IO freezes (starting a new application, anything with on-disk cache, and so on). I have 8 GB RAM and usually, I have 1 to 3 GB of swap used. Switching to a long-time minimized (likely swapped) application sometimes hangs too, and here and there it happens when waking up from sleep. I verified that it is not happening when Real-time F
  19. Hi all, i am currently upgrading all my clients servers running EFSW v4.5.xx to v6.3, and i have so much troubles... Uninstallation of v4.5.xx on windows server 2008 R2 x64 always fails (about 10 times, on different servers, brand, physical or virtual...): the uninstaller starts and bloc on "drivers uninstallation" phase. and after it's a big deal to success ! i have to stop all the msi process, hard reboot the server, execute the esetuninstall.exe /nosafemode, reboot cleanly and after that, i can install, the news version ! it's a nightmare i have dozens of server to migrate, please
  20. Hello Eset We are getting Many Of Issue From Our Partner & Customer That ESET Not Resolve Shortcut Malware/Virus Issue Properly. There is two Issue Regarding USB Removable Drive. 1. System Slow & Flash Drivers Cant open @ Scan Time & SlowDown While We Select Scan Now For Removable Media.(Mostly In Scandisk Pendrive) 2. Regarding Shortcut Virus/Malware. ESET May be Detect and Clean Virus if any But Still Hidden Data Not Shown and Short Cut Link Not Deleted Like Other Antivirus Do. We are Using ESET USB Fixer Utility To Manually Unhide Data. But It is Not Po
  21. ekrn.exe keeps crashing every time NOD32 detects a virus/troja in e-mail. After threat is found, crash follows. I am using Windows 10 64bit (one day old clean install), latest Thunderbird (38.6.0) and latest NOD32 Antivirus (9.0.375.0). Thunderbird is using IMAP. Is there anything I can do to fix it? What can be done, what are my options to get this working? If I can provide any more info, just ask. Thank you! Here's the info from event log: Faulting application name: ekrn.exe, version: 9.0.374.1, time stamp: 0x56cc5c2d Faulting module name: unknown, version:, t
  22. I have a reproducible environment that we can see the issue in, here are the steps to reproduce the issue: System: Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit. Jukebox Player Steps To Reproduce: 1. Install Jukebox Player from Numecent. 2. Install NOD32 Antivirus 9.0.318.0 3. Navigate to: hxxp://numecentcloud.com/service 4. Login with credentials: <can be provided in private to ESET R&D if needed, please contact me.> 5. Cloudpage Adobe Photoshop CS5 32-bit. 6. Run ESET NOD32 Scan (or any other virtualized application). Results: You will be unable to get to any web site on TC
  23. Hello all, I am posting in these forums because for years I have been using ESS security software, since my XP Machine and the days when it was called NOD32. I loved it and never had any problems with any version of ESS up until now v9. All the previous versions worked flawlessly on my computers. Now here is the thing. I waited and waited and finally updated my system to Windows 10 TH2 OS Build 10586.71 in November. Now this is a clean install. I realize I did a stupid thing by removing ESS v9 before making this post so I could be able to send some logs but the freezing was driving
  24. After installing 9.0.349, Outlook 2016 gets stuck in a send/ receive and never completes. Existing emails are downloaded but the progress indicator never stops and new emails are not received as they come in. This behavior stops if I uninstall ESET and resumes again after a reinstall. I've tried disabling the Outlook integration both from inside ESET and from Outlook but that didn't make a difference. I've even reinstalled Windows 10 several times. Not really sure what else to do. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, I'd really appreciate it. If not, is there some way to get an official ins
  25. Hello everybody and eset technical team. I am an administrator of a company that use EEA with 80 clients license. On of my cilents is a server with below system information: OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 DBMS : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP4 RAM : 12 GB HDD: RAID 5 ..... Until our company had used from version 5 it worked very good. But when we migrated to version 6 every day windows server 2008 R2 Freezes and hangs and i should restart it manually from server room. After uninstalling EEA 6.2.2033.0 server works correctly as past. I guess that there is a conflict between SQL Server 2008
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