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Update ESET Android to newer version

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Hello guys,

We've a customer that is using the MDM and when we send the task to update to a newer version of ESET Endpoint Security for Android the task fails hours later.

How can we update this program remotely? 


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  • ESET Staff


I wouldn't currently recommend using "Update ESET products" (which is just software installation task) for deployments where EESA is installed over Google play store.

Currently this breaks auto-update which should happen over Google play store based on device settings (so You will be stuck with manually updating all phones each time EESA version is released). Web/Repository versions of EESA requires user to manually update unless it's installed in Device Owner mode.

In Your case it would be better to contact phone user and check why EESA isn't auto-upgraded. As for why task failed, we would likely need to see EESA and MDM logs, so please contact Your local customer care.



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