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Validez de una licencia (Validate a license)

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Buenos días

Necesito porfavor saber lo siguiente

Si compro un paquete para 10 dispositivos e instalo el antivirus el día 26 de junio de 2020, se supone que caducará el 26 de junio de 2021.  Luego, del mismo paquete para 10 instalaciones, realizó otra instalación del antivirus en otra computadora pero en Agosto del 2020.

La pregunta es:

En la computadora que instale el antivirus en agosto del 2020 el producto caducará en Agosto del 2021 o el 26 de Junio del 2021 ??



Good Morning

I need to know the following please

If I buy a package for 10 devices and install the antivirus on June 26, 2020, it is supposed to expire on June 26, 2021. Then, from the same package for 10 installations, you did another installation of the antivirus on another computer but in August 2020.

The question is:

On the computer that installs the antivirus in August 2020, will the product expire in August 2021 or June 26, 2021?

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @Ger,

in such case it is a one license ( just with multiple seats to be protected), which can have one one expiration date, so the license will expire in one year since buying / activation in case of boxed licenses.


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