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EFS Caused my server to hang

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This has happened twice recently.  The last was last night.  Server stopped doing anything (except responding to ping).  I had to do a hard reset.

The last entries in the msglog are all ESET related and there are hundreds like this (all different file names):

kernel: eset_rtp: wait for scanner reply timeout, path: /usr/lib64/sasl2/smtpd.conf, event: OPEN, pid: 692

The messages started at 21:17 and stopped at 22:29 with only eset_rtp messages in this time frame, then the next message is when I hard-reset the server this morning.  The error message occurred 33318 times.




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Hello @bcraigie,

first of all, please make sure you have the latest version installed, if not upgrade to the latest one to see if it resolves the issue.

We do not have info about the OS used and the server roles, in recent cases I saw an issue with Samba and EncFS mount points used by it, do you use them? If yes try to make a performance exclusions for all of them in /srv/samba/

If above does not help, please use the log collector script, upload them to a safe location and send me a private message with download details an reference to this forum topic, I will check them with my colleagues.


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