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  1. Thanks for checking it out. :-) I think the difference is that for whatever reason, the windows update on mine failed, then rolled back, and it seems that in the process of it rolling back it also removed the FDE login drivers, so the partition was no longer unlocked/unlockable. I'm speculating that the update failed at a crucial point that left the FDE driver missing from the system. I'll re-encrypt the drive and see what happens when the next Windows update comes along. Warmest regards, Brian
  2. Hi Duncan, Yes, it was just an update to an existing Windows 11 (Insider) version. This is a standalone ESET encryption and the TPM is still enabled. 🙂 Brian
  3. This is a heads-up for you. Before you say it, I know that you're going to say that you don't support insider builds, but if someone doesn't test it, how are you going to know the problems that will come up? So yesterday, I tried to apply Windows 11 Insider Preview 22593.1 (ni_release) update to my laptop which was Full Disk Encrypted with ESET Endpoint Encryption The update failed and tried to roll back, but left the machine un-bootable as the rollback also removed the FDE boot login. I was able to recover by using a USB stick with the ESET recovery tool on it to decrypt the drive, but that took 8 hours on my 2TB NVMe drive. I just wanted to let you know. I have also provided feedback to M$. If you wish more information about my setup, just let me know. I hope you'll pass this on to the developers. Thanks Brian
  4. This has happened twice recently. The last was last night. Server stopped doing anything (except responding to ping). I had to do a hard reset. The last entries in the msglog are all ESET related and there are hundreds like this (all different file names): kernel: eset_rtp: wait for scanner reply timeout, path: /usr/lib64/sasl2/smtpd.conf, event: OPEN, pid: 692 The messages started at 21:17 and stopped at 22:29 with only eset_rtp messages in this time frame, then the next message is when I hard-reset the server this morning. The error message occurred 33318 times.
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