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Exclude files don't work

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I've two problems:


File exclusion does not work with a normal scan, custom scan or inactivity scan.
I added files to exclude but Eset still detects them as dangerous. It's frustrating every time I have to check which Eset files might be deleted by mistake.
Exclusions only work for real-time protection but not for scans.


When malicious software is found,  the "add to exclusion is not clickable (grayed)" option (see image below).


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Where did you exactly add exclusions and how? Please post a screen for clarification.

As for the greyed options, exclusions via gui is only possible for potentially unsafe and unwanted applications for security reasons. Detection and performance exclusions are available in the advanced setup.

With real-time protection temporarily paused, upload the file moon.exe to Virustotal and post a link with results here.

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May be the file is infected with a serious threat so the option is turned off. However, you can exclude files from detection and scanning through advance settings > realtime protection and exclusions. Please set a file or folder so ESET will never show this notification againt. But becareful you are doing a harmful task.

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I also would be skeptical of allowing this program to run based on shown reputation status. The legit moon.exe has existed for many years and is well known reputation-wise.

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