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W10x64 insider eamonm.sys BSOD loop reset problem

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Hi, i have problem with ESET Internet Security on windows 10 pro x64 insider build.

Few days ago ESET have update (i think) all was ok until some time after that i have green screen with message:

What failed: eamonm.sys

So after reset i cant run my windows, go to system repair and this do nothing.

After few loop-run windows i go to cmd and rename eamonm.sys  file to eamonm.sy_in c:\windows\system32\drivers

I run windows all was ok, eamonm.sys was in my drivers catalog eamonm.sy_ too. Windows works with this few system runs and i have same situation but now rename/delete of eamonm.sys do nothing - still have BSOD (in my win this was green so its GSOD)

Only solution was del eamonm.sys and ESET catalog in Program Files after this my system was run like always.

Now when install ESET Internet Security i have immediately GSOD.

In catalog minidump located in windows foder i found two files, so i add this in attachment.

I don't understand this i wanna ESET IS because IMHO this is the best AV software (use this many years) can you help me?




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