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  1. You're right but ESET works perfect on my W10 insider until 21/03/2020, this day M$ gave W10 IP update "Windows 10 Insider Preview 19587.1000 (rs_prerelease)" and all was gone. Because ESET was updated too and has GSOD (Green Screen... with eamonm.sys) https://www.tomshardware.com/news/it-looks-like-microsoft-broke-windows-defender-with-a-recent-update
  2. Hi, i have problem with ESET Internet Security on windows 10 pro x64 insider build. Few days ago ESET have update (i think) all was ok until some time after that i have green screen with message: Stop code: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION What failed: eamonm.sys So after reset i cant run my windows, go to system repair and this do nothing. After few loop-run windows i go to cmd and rename eamonm.sys file to eamonm.sy_in c:\windows\system32\drivers I run windows all was ok, eamonm.sys was in my drivers catalog eamonm.sy_ too. Windows works with this few system runs and i ha
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