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Alerts reported in ESET RA - "Product is not connected. No connection attempt occurred."

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I see these alerts being triggered frequently in ERA referring to Linux servers. Considering last connected time of host and current status of hosts. As part of daily operations we use to implement client tasks for the hosts which are being triggered. Found the update task to fail with reason to be “Failed to start the task”. In process of finding the root cause of this alerts we have found one thing in common i.e., Dynamic Product activation to be Failed. 
I believe this might be the reason for Product is not connected to ERA agent.Is it Correct?
I think as far as the issue is concerned we need have clear idea of below mentioned:

  1. The current status of host needs to be known. 
  2. Need to verify that ESET product is actually running on those devices?
  3. Getting more info through Agents Trace logs from the affected devices only if found reachable. 

If we think Product activation solves the purpose. I need a clarification for below –

  • After the product activation task is done –Is it required to reboot the Host to complete Activation process?? 
  • If this is the case the hosts for which we are facing the current issue are found reboot to be disabled. What is the thing we can do to complete activation process??

And one last question is it required again to run client task(Module update) towards the hosts whose product activation is done?? 

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  • Administrators

Please clarify what ESET product and version you have installed on the Linux servers. Is it ESET File Security for Linux file servers v7? Do you have the latest version of the ESMC agent installed there and use ESMC 7.1 server?

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As far as the product is Concerned I See ESET Server Security v4.5.9.0 installed in the Linux Servers.

No we don't See any ESET File Security product in those Severs.

No we haven't been upgraded to ESET Security Management Console yet, But we currently are using ESET RA-

ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.5 (6.5.417.0)
ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version 6.5 (6.5.388.0)




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  • ESET Staff

To provide more details, this specific error  means that legacy product (in this case ESET Security for Linux 4.5.9) is not connecting to ERA Agent installed on this machine, in other words, it is not communicating with ERA Agent and thus management of product is not possible. This is why tasks, like activation or modules update is failing.

I would recommend to check locally what is status of the ESET Security product, as this error might indicate that it is not even running.  Also I would recommend to at least upgrade such product to latest available version in case you have some reason to use legacy product (new EFSv7 for Linux is not usable with ERA6, you would have to upgrade to ESMC 7.1).

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As suggested we have restarted ERA Agent by logging individually in different hosts, this worked well in case of Virus signature database update as the Product Activation client task has been executed well and the Issue got resolved.

But this not the same case when we have initiated Product activation client task for the hosts which had last connected more than one month time span were gathered and have individually restarted ERA Agent services by logging into different hosts. After initiating wake up call, Product activation client task has been pushed. I See there is no change in the last connection time for these hosts even after agent services are restarted. And in the client Task i see these hosts under planned with no status(started/Successful/Failed) since last seven days.

I could not able to find what is the root cause of these hosts why they are not getting connected since long time, I have initiated  Product activation client task in particular as I have seen product activation was failed in the task history of hosts triggered in common.




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  • Administrators

Please check "C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\status.html" and trace.log on machines that stopped connecting to the ESMC server and the time of the last connection has not updated for a longer time.

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