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Remove duplicate computer

Carl S

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After fifteen years of using various versions of ESET NOD32 on my home computers and small offices, I have been trying to use it to replace our previous solution at the office.

Today, after having a computer that got rolled back before the install of ESET endpoint client on 2/27 due to becoming unresponsive, I now see that client computer twice in the list with two different names.  Not totally sure which is the new one and which is the old instance. I decided what needs to happen is that one of them needs to be removed from the ESMC.  Is that right?

In the ESMC, when I click on it and choose delete, it tells me there are three steps that must be completed.  1) Reset Endpoint Settings. 2) Stop computer management. 3) Remove computer from database. Since I didn't do 1 and 2 before reverting it, what should I do?  If I send the instructions to the phantom one, will it affect the new one with the same IP but slightly different name? None of these instructions seem to really make sense in light of the situation I find myself in.

I realize I might have done this differently, but I wasn't thinking of the impact this might have had on ESET when I was rolling it back.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Carl S - when you just delete both entries, the one that has agent, and is correctly connecting will reappear in the ESMC server, however it will be placed into the ESMC group. Such situation might happen, when the system / agent was reinstalled, so it connects to the server with a newer ID. In general, you did nothing wrong, deleting machines will however wipe their previous data history of tasks, and reported detections.

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