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Beacause of malicious apps on MEmu, camtasia freeze

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since only paid eset licenses is drive security by eset powered by clevx


now all my two samsung & compaq computers have that infected memu with malicious "google account's hackers" apps,


whichs blocks camtasia on all my computers


and makes causes the following bugs on desktop compaq because of theses infections (run today Emsisoft Emergency Kit offline scanner & FRST64), the bugs becauses of infections on compaq desktop is that list below:

-error load paragon's commandline boot engine, blocks the resize C:/

-slow cursor of mouse

-a bug with numlock of keyboard: the button of the numlock works, but if the numlock enabled, the 0, 1 to 9 button at right of keyboard don't work

-one in a million of bugs & virus/adwares on pc

-very slow to play video on youtube, uninstall apps, surfing on brave/ucbrowser/edge chromium browsers

-certains performance problems on safe mode

-the usb disks plugged on epson printer not recognized, all computers are infected


a topic here i try to post, but i decide to open free ticket on eset local care webpage, but i don't need/can't/i have not eset nod32/internet security paid version, but my paid licenses of eset drivesecurity is enough to post my USB/devices problems on eset supports tickets, and disinfect memu of my computers on actual topic*the topic in question is here:


cordially Jonathan and his 23 years old girlfriend poissonier Léa Lynnlo Torres


we have only paid eset drive security, it's enough, we go to post support tickets for my bugs of external/sd/usb devices & my Acer R1 Series monitor

and we go continue MEmu disinfection/troubleshoot in all my computers here in topic



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You have another similar topic here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/23131-topic-for-detender-of-drivesecurity-infected-memu-on-two-computers/

Since we're not moving any further, we'll draw this topic to a close. Please contact your local ESET customer care.

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