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I am unable to update my renewed license on a 2nd computer.  I called the tech support tel# that came up on the ESET screen.  I reached a representative that informed me (after remotely joining me online) that I had a virus that ESET could not detect but it could be fixed at additional costs as my ESET license did not cover this issue.  At first the rep stated that she was a part of the ESET Tech Support but when pushed she admitted she worked for US Global Tech (561-708-4035.413).  My questions are:  Is this a scam or what; and, how do I make telephone contact with a authorized ESET Tech Support representative.?

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Hard to say if they provide a legitimate tech support service. According to reviews 93% of users rated it as excellent but another site with reviews tells the opposite:


ESET provides technical support for existing users for free. I'd therefore recommend contacting ESET LLC for assistance.

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The telephone number for ESET's US office +1 (866) 343-3738.  It is toll-free, and there is no charge for customer service activities like troubleshooting a license activation.  Customer service, by the way, is handled on-site by ESET employees.

I am not sure what message you saw or where it came from, but dialogs and messages from ESET's software do not contain phone numbers.  I wonder if this might have been some kind of pop up or notification toast message from a web browser.


Aryeh Goretsky

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