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Marcos, Help MEH

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I have an Eset Smart Security License for 3 computer(s) valid until 31/12/2015


I can use my ESS license to activate NOD32 which is great.


Thanks to your great help along with Swex and Araksi in my performance related issues. I decided that out of all the licenses I own, ESET is the only keeper.


So what I want you to help me with now


I wanna buy a 3 year / 5 device license for NOD32 at a discounted price


I want to buy NOD32 only but for 6 devices / 3 years


The maximum offered to buy on the site is 2 years, is there no way to get more than 2 years?


Also, please send me by PM a discount promo code



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Hi Tweak,


The only way to order a license for more then 6 PC or for more then 2 years, is to reach out to a distributor.

I think that is how it is done. :)


Since i am a distributor , technically i could help you with your purchase, and Marcos could supervise through PM's


However, you are suppose to go to the distributor in your local area.

I would send Marcos a PM letting him know what country, and or what state you live in if located in the US; he can then possibly connect you with someone in your area to purchase from.



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{comment removed by administrator}

I live in Dubai, {comment removed by administrator.}.

{comment removed by administrator.}

I can settle for the 6 PC / 2 year license from the website itself but I need a promotional code to get some discount.

someone help meh please googling a valid code didn't give any valid results

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Okay, sounds good.


I always have ESET adjust pricing for me.

I don't have any promo codes. Sorry.


Marcos may be able to help ! We have to wait for him :)

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I just re-thought about it and I guess let me just use my ESS license on NOD32 until it lapses as it would be a waste to just buy a new license at this point.



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If you live in Dubai only temporarily and originally purchased your license in the US or another country, you should be able to contact the distributor you originally purchased your license from. We don't use any promotional codes but some distributors may.

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I sent a guy named Fiaz who is the Account Manager in Dubai for ESET ME an email with my request to downlgrade from ESS to NOD32 and upgrade from 3 user license to a 5 user license

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