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Cannot use on board Lenovo keyboard for FDE login


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After doing FDE with latest EEE version I can no longer login using on board keyboard that came with my Lenovo Yoga Windows 10 computer. I can only log in on the FDE screen using my usb keyboard. Per Legacy USB Emulation https://support.deslock.com/index.php?/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/416  I cannot find this item in my BIOS and only references Legacy boot devices. Does this mean my systems on board keyboard is simply not compatible with the FDE login? 

The on board keyboard does work in the BIOS and fast boot is disabled. 

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Hello tmuster2k,

Could I please clarify the following ; "FDE with latest EEE version I can no longer login using on board keyboard" does this mean that the keyboard worked fine on previous version?

I wonder whether this machine is plugged into a docking station? If so, can you please remove it and try to use the keyboard?

As a last suggestion, I would like you to try and force Text-Mode.

Please refer to this article; http://support.deslock.com/KB463 - 'How to adjust the graphical pre-boot FDE login screen'

Let me know how you get on.

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Same error on a Dell XPS 15 7590. Bought new this month. (dec. 2019)
After FDE on this laptop with 5.0.4  the system completely freezes when you touch even 1 key on the on-board keyboard. With the graphical pre-boot FDE login screen
Stand alone laptop, no docking.

My fix: 
Connected an external USB keyboard to login with the user and password.
It booted into windows 10, where the on-board keyboard and mouse where usable again.
Then used the ESET Endpoint Encryption UEFI Options tool mentioned here.
Checked the box  “Force Text Mode”
Shut down the laptop and now could login with the on-board keyboard of the laptop.
It doesn’t look quite as nice as the graphical FDE login screen, but at least it works.

Edited by Mike Ottens
typo and add clarification
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