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Firewall Profiles

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Hello, sorry for my bad English.

Where is the folder of the self-created profiles for the firewall of Eset internet security? I often mirror my system and then I have to re-enter each time. I would like to outsource them.

Thanks for your help! :)

Greetings Hermann

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6 hours ago, Marcos said:

Firewall settings are not per-user; you can export EIS configuration and import it later if you want.

Is this something that eset would ever consider. For example I have two user accounts on my pc one for me and one for my wife. I used to use the firewall in interactive mode but don't right now as I didn't want her being confused by multiple popups - so having different profiles and allowing some users to use the automatic mode and some interactive would help with this

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Since ekrn runs under system account and all other services run under LSA too independently of logged on users, I assume it would not be technically feasible.

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