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Small Business Packs

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Just wondering about the small business backs that cover 5 Devices  - it states 5 endpoints, 5 smart phones, 1 file server, 8 mail boxes - would I be able to protect a total of 11 computers? Is that how it counts or is it 1 file server and a maximum of 5 endpoints that may or may not contain a mix of pc, tablets and phones. 

Also, I assume that these devices can be at different locations, e.g. we have two offices. Can I cover 2 devices at office A and the rest at office B?

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thank you Marcos, on the website it actually states a price, I am just not sure how eset is calculating the 5 devices


as they state 5 devices but also list  5 endpoints, 5 tablets and 1 server.  It seems unclear whether the max is 5 protection made up of a combination of the above or whether it adds up. 

Also, can you confirm the protection can be provided to two office locations under this product?

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  • ESET Staff

No, in this case, the pack actually means 5 devices of the type "desktop" (Windows / Mac / Linux), 5 devices of type "mobile" (Android / iOS) and 1 device of type "server". So in general you can protect up to 11 devices. 

And yes, you can easily protect multiple locations, there is no limitation in this. 

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