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ESET Enterprise Inspector version 1.3.1124.0 has been released

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Release date: September 17, 2019

ESET Enterprise Inspector version 1.3.1124.0 has been released.

Main highlights:

  • Support for MS SQL server version 2017 or newer
  • Improved scalability
  • UI improvements
  • New and improved Search functionality
  • Cross referencing of MITRE ATT&CK(TM) Framework
  • Scoring system
  • Commenting
  • Option to search for hash value on VirusTotal and other 3rd party sources
  • Auditing
  • Expanded Exclusion system
  • And many others including performance improvements

Other advanced functionality improvements:

  • Better sorting of Alarms
  • Extended information in Alarms View (more details for Alarms)
  • Ability to detect inter process injection (CreateRemoteThreat + new Rules)
  • IP ranges can now be defined in rules, this allows to define external/internal network connections (+ relevant rules added/changed)
  • Ability to detect attempts to write suspicious content to registry (e.g. by file-less malware), since we are now able to check length of values written to registry database (+ new rules)
  • Ability to evaluate actual values written to registry database, which allows to write more precise rules
  • Ability to evaluate DLL in exclusions, which enables users to write exclusions for FPs connected with suspicious DLLs (many customers reported this problem)
  • Ability to evaluate not only parent process, but any preceding process in process tree. This functionality can be also used in exclusions which greatly helps to eliminate complicated FP cases
  • Raw events can be exported to CSV file and analyzed offline (e.g. in Excel or other tools)
  • Ability to detect suspicious “file move” operations by evaluating source and destination name for the RenameFile operation
  • In Aggregated Events view, under Network Connections it is now possible to see resolved domain names in addition to just IP addresses
  • Integration with Network Protection module in Endpoint to provide more details about network events for better detection quality
  • EI tracks which processes loaded a DLL

Known Issues

For a detailed list of known issues, see Known Issues for ESET Enterprise Inspector.

Support Resources

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