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Logging in to Active Direcory

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Hi all, 

While trying to connect Active Directory to the ESET Remote Deployment Tool I got stopped cold. At the log in to Active Directory screen I cannot determine what to put in the first field "Active Directory Server". We are strictly cloud based with nothing on premises. So how do I link this to our Azure AD in the cloud?

I will admit I do not know everything but have a good handle on tracking down the info I need but not in this case. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Also must say we Love ESET and team is impressed.


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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately this scenario was not tested, but have you tried to leave connections details empty? In that case, current ActiveDirectory should be used. Also credentials should not be required in case your device is joined into domain and you are logged in as active directory user, i.e. you should tick "Use current user credentials".

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