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I have received a few blue screens while testing this new ESO game out.

I have the launcher and executable, excluded in Real-time Protection, and excluded in protocol filtering, however they keep happening.

One of the drivers involved is the edevmon.sys

Which module or dat file does this correspond to ? :)

I was only able to find it labeled as device blocker.


Added a HIPS rule to see if that helps, but the beta is over tonight at midnight. Will test again in a few weeks.

I will be keeping a memory dmp.

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It's the Device control driver. Please upload the dump from BSOD in a compressed form to a safe location and pm me the download link.

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I think I have the same problem. I switched from GData to ESET on 27.03. and got 3 BSOD since 28.03. I run memtest86 over night and everything was fine after 18 hours and 9 complete cycles.

Now I see this thread. The ESO Launcher was also running as the BSOD occurs. I will PM you my memory dump from last BSOD.

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I had a crash or two with the ESO beta client, but after whitelisting it's folder and executeables everything was stable once more. This must be something special about their client or built in protection for the game itself, as it's the ONLY thing I've ever had trouble with in combination of ESET.

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I have resolved my issues.

I created exceptions for the launcher, and the game directories.

I also created HIPS rules and set my firewall on learning mode for the entire login process and was good enough to switch back to interactive.


Anyone else experiencing should do the above, and if issue persists, PM Marcos the dump referencing this thread. :)

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