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Hello.  I'm Laire.  It will quickly become glaringly apparent that I am  technology disabled.  So my apologies in advance for what I'm sure will be rudimentary questions and requests for assistance.  I'm not convinced that my discovery of the eset home monitoring was a good thing, but now that I'm there...

1)  When the app tells you what devices are connecting to your home network, in the written format of the name of the device manufacturer first then underneath that the operating system and underneath that what type of device it is.  For example, Asus... Android...smartphone.  What does file transfer receiver mean in this listing?  In this case, LG Electronics... Android... File Transfer Receiver... smartphone.  What is this?  What does it do?  How is this designation assigned?

2)  Aong the same lines when the app tells you what devices are connected the first one listed is the router.  Mine has the manufacturer name Cisco and underneath that it says CGM4140COM and then router.  I believe in my router is a10 inch tall 4 inch square object.  It says Panoramic on the top.  There is no manufacturer name listed and it has the letters CGM4141COX.  The Mac addresses are also different. The last two digits are not the same.  Are these seemingly two different things actually one?  If so why the difference in labeling?  If not what am I missing and what do I need to do to fix it?

3)  I doubt that this has anything to do specifically with eset but it does have to do with the network.  When accessing Wi-Fi on your phone the first thing that you see is a list of available networks.  My network is at the top and if you look further it tells you what type of security it has and shows that the reception is excellent.  Recently a new available network has appeared immediately underneath mine named Out of Service.  When you look further at this network the security type is 802.1x EAP.  Underneath that it says EAP type and sometimes the type is PEAP and other times it is SIM.  The Out of Service network can also not be deleted by using the forget button.

If anyone can enlighten me, give me any information or advice, or tell me whether or not I should be concerned, I will certainly appreciate your time.  Thank you.



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