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ESET Smart Security 7 & Google Chrome 33 SSL Scanning

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I am ESET Smart Security 7 user who has noticed since upgrading to Google Chrome 33 with SSL scanning enabled in ESET, causes Google Chrome to not load any pages and gets an ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET whether or not a page is HTTPS or not.


it seems in Chromes latest version they changed something with the certificates and now SSL Scanning in ESET is useless since Google Chrome can't load anything.


I have ESET Smart Security 7 on 3 computers in my household with Google Chrome 33 with the same result.


Will there be a fix soon? or maybe possibly it could be something on Chromes end? before Chrome 33, SSL scanning worked flawlessly, I love having the added protection of ESET scanning my secure connections as I also use HTTPS Everywhere in Chrome.


Any information would be most helpful and appreciated.



Thank you.

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Thank you Alikhan,


My apologies for starting an additional thread.


Will enabling pre-release updates cause any problems?


If you go to Advanced Setup > Update 


It will be stated there but it's very rare that they'll cause any problems.

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