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  1. PM sent Marcos. Also I want to add, I upgraded back to ESET Smart Security 8 and it is doing the same thing before, connection keeps getting dropped only way to completely stop it is to disable the firewall, Network Attack Protection and Botnet protection. Thanks everyone, all your help on this matter is very appreciated.
  2. @rugk - No, I never touch that setting as I was told that those updates may not be stable. @Trauko - I am using Windows 7. I have been using ESET Smart Security 7 since my last post and everything has been running great.
  3. I don't mean to double post here, but, it seems this issue is a version 8 issue. Going back to version 7 fully resolves the problem. Oh well, I guess I will hold off on version 8.
  4. On the user interface, I clicked on "Setup" then under "Network" I disable one at a time there.
  5. I have ESET Smart Security 8 (8.0.301.0) installed which I installed about a week ago over ESET Smart Security 7. The problem I am having is my connection keeps dropping to my router and the internet. Webpages are also loading very slow and eventually the connection drops. This issue just started today, the last past week with version 8 was running flawlessly. I checked my firewall logs and its being flooded with this... 10/13/2014 12:44:32 PM Packet blocked by active defense (IDS) 192.168.x.A 192.168.x.B ARP (A being my router, and B being my machines IP.) The firewall logs keeps scrolling and scrolling and being flooded with this and I believe it is the source of the problem. I did some troubleshooting and fully shutting down the firewall, IDS, and Botnet protection makes all my issues completely go away. Now if I shutdown, lets say, just the firewall or Botnet protection or IDS, the problem persists. Only when I completely shutdown all 3 does the issue go completely away. I am out of ideas and lost at this point so any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Over the years I have tried several different Antivirus software and I found ESET always excels above the other Antiviruses I used. Whether it be performance or detections, ESET just does it best in my opinion. When you crank the settings up in ESET, its like unleashing the beast. I have yet to see anything get past it from my own personal real world experiences, not just talking about my own personal computer, but neighbors computers which kept on getting infections and I recommended for them to purchase ESET in which they did. I haven't heard a phone call from them since, and when I run into them and ask how their computers are running, they are happy. I never go by any form of internet review source, thats why just about all Antiviruses have 30 day trials, you need to experience it and test it for yourself. Just like buying a pair of shoes, you're going to buy what fits you.
  7. Your most Welcome. Everyone at ESET just keep doing what you're doing and you have me as a customer for life. Thanks again.
  8. This is really cool and informative, I especially like the Internet Heroes section.
  9. I used to use Malwarebytes but I no longer use it nor do I recommend them. I believe in only having 1 resident real time scanner, anything more is asking for trouble, thats just my opinion. I tried using Malwarebytes 2.0 realtime protection with ESET Smart Security 7 and seen a very big noticeable performance hit, even with exclusions set. On Demand scanning for Malwarebytes would be fine I guess, but, I wouldn't use its real time protection I believe ESET offers adequate protection for me, and don't see the need for any outside assistance from Malwarebytes. Just my opinion.
  10. I just wanted to post a comment and say Thank You. I had to contact technical support by phone yesterday and the person on the phone was really nice and helpful. Its good to know I use a good Antivirus with excellent support, I just recently renewed my ESET Smart Security 7 license for another two years. Keep up the good work and thanks again! Adam
  11. Thank you Alikhan, My apologies for starting an additional thread. Will enabling pre-release updates cause any problems?
  12. Hello. I am ESET Smart Security 7 user who has noticed since upgrading to Google Chrome 33 with SSL scanning enabled in ESET, causes Google Chrome to not load any pages and gets an ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET whether or not a page is HTTPS or not. it seems in Chromes latest version they changed something with the certificates and now SSL Scanning in ESET is useless since Google Chrome can't load anything. I have ESET Smart Security 7 on 3 computers in my household with Google Chrome 33 with the same result. Will there be a fix soon? or maybe possibly it could be something on Chromes end? before Chrome 33, SSL scanning worked flawlessly, I love having the added protection of ESET scanning my secure connections as I also use HTTPS Everywhere in Chrome. Any information would be most helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
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