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  1. Will there be more features added to v8 or just the 2 mentioned above? I'm sure they'll be improvements.
  2. I can confirm that I installed the Windows Update stated above and with SSL enabled, Windows would be unable to check for updates. Disabling SSL fixes the issue.
  3. Installed over the top of 7.0.302.26 and have no problems. Was a good smooth upgrade. Nice to see after re-enabling protection, the anti-phishing protection now has the green symbol rather than the red.
  4. On another note, soon (I don't know when) that module will go to the regular update so you can switch back.
  5. If you go to Advanced Setup > Update It will be stated there but it's very rare that they'll cause any problems.
  6. Fixed already... you need to enable pre-release updates. Read this: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1949-solved-via-pre-release-updates-https-sites-when-ssl-enabled/
  7. Yes, disabling SSL scanning enables me to to go to "https" sites via Chrome. I manually exported the certificate from Eset too into a new re-installed Chrome with no extensions and it still does not work.
  8. The issue started occurring yesterday, before that it had been fine for a few months. I don't think there's been a new version of Chrome out since then and not to forget that annoying Google Updater which will do anything to get it updated to the latest version in the background.
  9. I use it for speed and personal preference. Back to the topic, after resetting IE11 SSL seems to be working fine except on the ESET forum where it gives me an "untrusted" certificate error. I've reset Chrome, uninstall and reinstalled it and even manually imported the certificate and it is still not working.
  10. When I go to google or this site it says with SSL enabled via IE11.. "You are about to view pages over a secure connection. Any information you exchange with this site cannot be viewed by anyone else on the web. It then gives me the option to click ok and load the page... BUT I need to click okay for every SSL page via IE11 and on Chrome (main browser) the site doesn't load at all.
  11. I exported the certificate from SSL > View Certificate > Details > Copy to file (it couldn't transfer the private key) I then imported the certificate into Chrome and it did not work. Is this the way it should be done or have I done it wrong? I closed all browsers and email clients after enabling/re-enabling.
  12. Yes. For example, I can't even visit this forum with SSL enabled or search via the URL bar via Google Chrome.
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