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ParentalControl can be uninstalled from children's device without entering PIN

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Hi, I've been using ParentalControl for almost 1 year for my 10-years boy. Several days ago I've installed the tool to his new mobile device (Xiaomi Redmi 4). My son has managed to uninstall it somehow in less then 1 day. My only explanation to this was - "my secret PIN is not so secret anymore". So, I've changed the PIN and installed ParentalControl again. This time it took just a few hours for my son to uninstall the software again. (Just in case - its a good PIN, not something like 5555 or 1234). Is it possible to view some logs to find out where was the issue? I can provide any additional information you need.

Possibly that's not 100% correct information, but I've asked my son to explain me the way he uninstalled the software. He showed me the the trick:

- drag ParentalControl to the Trash icon to uninstall it

- Security window appears asking for PIN

- Press cancel, unblock the screen

- Run some restricted game

- Again, security window appears

- Press cancel, unblock the screen and repeat everything from the very beginning.

He says it takes 10-15 minutes of such spamming to unblock and uninstall the software. I didn't repeat that for myself, but looks like he is not lying.


Hope you can help,



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Some update: I tried a little bit and was able to remove ParentalControl from the son's device by myself (without entering PIN). So, you have to drag the app icon to the recycle bin and try to hit "Confirm" before PIN window appears. Looks like you just have to be lucky enough to catch the moment. Will try to record a video if necessary.

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First of all, please make sure that you have the latest version of Parental Control installed ( You will find this information in the About section. Here you can also find a handful of screen shots with hints how to improve protection on Xiaomi phones.

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