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Suspected virus

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could you tell me please how to deal with such virus ?

It has happened with me two times. I noticed something is unusual happened just I start my PC one of the browsers and especially the default one ( google Chrome) leaps up although I don't touch it and still the ESET INTERNET SECURITY warning the link by its red notification. The matter is never stopped until I formatted my PC.

I know as many told it is a http virus ( virus of browsers ) and this one can't be deleted 

Now after I formatted my PC , it is OK

Two times happened with me and each time the only solution is to format the computer.  

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Not sure myself what it could be - maybe someone else will have more of an idea. However rather than reformatting it might be best to collect logs with eset to see what it could be and double check the sites your visiting are safe. If it is a virus something must be causing it although not sure if it is

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Post a screen shot of this "red notification from Eset." Suspect you are referring to the Eset alert shown?

Also check your Eset  Detection and Filtered Web Sites logs for any entries related to this activity. If they exist, also post a screen shot of a log entry related to this activity. 

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