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  1. Thank you Marcos Indeed I felt too much incapable to try more Yesterday 3 hours or more I tried to active the program ( EIS ) but still error and the same message ( ESET liveGird servers cannot be reached. This is due to outage in connection ( bad connection) ?? ..... and the same annoying message ever lasting I can open any page and log on Facebook and any activity I can do, I can't understand the message of eset any more. Lastly I used the special tool of removing the program using the ( safe mode ) and the uninstallation peacefully completed .... Now I use Microsoft antivirus .. It is free and does not need any activation code I know eset is better, but being losing my patience ..... The Microsoft antivirus takes a long time while testing the computer , but what to do .... great Thanks goodby
  2. Thank you to reply I found and installed, but the device did nothing could enhance Yes, the internet in Iraq is not good but is not too much bad. The problem with all eset products is being a lasting problem and never can be improved. Not this time I use the eset I did a contact with the company -supporting team last night and waiting the answer. I removed the Nod32 and installed eset internet security ( Just to try ) and the problem is the same??? No advantage of you here in this forum. Most of you no knowledge they have and reply just to do a favour in a broken pot.
  3. Thank you Marcos How can I install Wireshark, start logging OR where can I find ? What is this ? I never heard about
  4. Hello I changed the product from internet security to Nod32 antivirus. It is already to change the product, no problem with. --- 3 days or 2 days I have been suffering from updating the program and in each time a message comes out alarming. The eset liveGrid servers cannot be reached. This could be due to an outage or a problem with the network connection. OK, if it is a bad connection, why I can log on my accounts in Yahoo, Facebook, Google and everywhere. Also, I open videos online and could open any page I want. Tell me the practical reason please. The last image I uploaded ... The program takes a long time then at the end can't update and the red message comes out
  5. Hi The same happened with me ( window 7 ultimate 32 bit ) Is not there any solution ? I read a comment advised " Don't run the system cleaner unless think inflected Another comment said : " you can't do this unless you are administer, so how ? Another comment : Thus if your computer is fine there is no reason to change these settings. And I think my computer is fine I tested it by anti-malware as well So, why does the program display this message ??????????????? I see no solution yet !
  6. reset all does not work You advised here : https://help.eset.com/eis/13/en-US/idh_page_systemcleaner.html Only a user with Administrator rights can perform actions in the System cleaner. So, how to do this ?
  7. I am Mohammad Ahmad Iraqi translator and writer I would like sharing this first post about a message I received at my yahoo mail, a member here complaining that he lost his Eset and being sad ----------------- Why you use window 10, it anonymously not to do Window 7 Ultimate is the better one, many years I am happy and no problem but last time I visited unknown or might be a suspected page containing malicious programs and I got a phishing. My Eset has been stopped so no thing can manage the case making it as usual as previous time. Lastly the best solution I found, is to format my PC Eset is a very sensitive antivirus program but it works better than for example avaira or avast
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