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App lock fingerprint set up

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I just found out that ESET offers app lock feature, however I cannot figure out how to enable/verify the fingerprint so that I can use biometrics authentication to unlock my apps. Any idea how to do it? I have Samsung Galaxy S7.

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I have search for it but even despite having a premium licence I don't see fingerprint option in the App Lock settings. And I haven't found any guide to allow it. Any ideas?



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In case you are still looking for a solution, I suspect you have downloaded from the Google play store and "google" has taken out the feature you wish to use.

Please reference the following link to download the mobile product direct and install it from its ".apk" file to resolve the issue. (note the link below is a US link)


I am hopeful this will be useful in your local area (I see you are in the U.K.) you may have to research the "proper" link for your location. (maybe search the KB6563 from your location)

Hope this helps

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