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Task "Product Activation" Failed!!!


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Hi there,

Recently, our customer often get error while activate for Eset products. We have check network is okay, not using any Proxy server, can connect to IP address ESET Server licensing,.. but still error activated for both from "CLient Tasks" and manually, please help us if anyone have solutions.

Besides, I did not find the error information with code ECP.20009 as below. 



Thank you so much!

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Couldn't it be that firewall is blocking access to activation servers? Would it be possible to bypass the firewall for a while to rule it out as being the culprit?

If that doesn't help, enable advanced logging in the adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics:
- network protection advanced logging
- licensing advanced logging

Next attempt to activate the product. Then disable logging and gather logs with ELC. When done, upload the generated archive here.

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