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  1. Thought I'd post some images of what's happening as there's been lots of views, but no comments. As soon as you add the required Parent group, the ESET Inspect Connector component is removed from selection.
  2. In 10.1 there is an issue with trying to create an installer that includes ESET Inspect Connector. When creating a new installer, ESET Inspect Connector is an option, however, as soon as you select the parent group, the ESET Inspect Connector disappears.
  3. We had the same issue. Removing the --accepteula flag got ours working. We also don't use the --avr-disable flag. So we just use PROTECT_Installer_x64_en_US.exe --silent John
  4. The URL is not for a zip file, but for the site v1.27.1.zip as everything before the @ is classed as a username, so wondering how that could be handled? Will something like */@*.zip work? Thanks
  5. How would you handle something like this example? https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/archive/refs/tags/@v1.27.1.zip
  6. Now, Since Friday we are seeing this same issue with 10.0.2045.0 Outlook doesn't keep up with keystrokes, attachments can take minutes to open, general slowness changing folders etc. Once again, disabling Outlook Integration resolves the slowness.
  7. So far, it's looking like has resolved these issues. Pretty much 3 months to the day 🤔
  8. MailPlugins.etl and MailPlugins_autologger.etl as requested Diagnostics.zip
  9. Logs 2 & 3 Also have the General products diagnostics log if required eea_logs2.zip eea_logs3.zip
  10. Had to split the collection as the zip was too big and I didn't want to spend another week go back and forth with local support. eea_logs.zip
  11. Not sure what v9.1.2057 was supposed to fix, but it certainly hasn't fixed the startup slowness and slow response within Outlook
  12. Any current eta? Will there be an option to immediately push out using micro update?
  13. I got this response from support Can you please disable scanning modified emails and let us know, if the issue is still present or gone?
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