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Upgrade from 5.x to 7.x

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I need to upgrade ESET Remote Administrator Server v5.3.39 to the latest, on a new server.

I find this (https://forum.eset.com/topic/16275-free-to-upgrade-from-5x-to-6x/).

WARNING: When the ERA 6.x Agent is installed on a client using 5.x or earlier endpoint products, the Remote administration setting for that client is automatically changed to localhost / 2225. As a result, the client will no longer connect to your ERA 5.x server after Agent is installed.

how can i avoid client's lost connection on ERA 6.x ? Or, all my clients on ERA 6, after uptade, will automaticaly check the new server ?

Should i upgrade all clients on 6.x or can i upgrade 5.x to 7.x on a fresh install, in a new serveur ?

Best regards,


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When installing ERA/ESMC agent on a machine with Endpoint v5 that has been reporting to ERA v5, the agent will change EPv5 settings so that it reports to the agent. The agent itself will provide communication with your ERA/ESMC server then.

If your Endpoint v5 is already reporting to your ERA server, the agent won't change anything in Endpoint's setup.

Whether to set up an ESMC server from scratch or upgrade ERA to ESMC depends on whether you want to keep current ERA data. If you can afford installing EMSC from scratch and then re-deploy the ESMC agent on clients, I'd suggest going this route.

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thanks you for your reply.

ERA's server on v5.3.33 has ~800 devices and i would like to know the best practice to upgrade to the latest version.

I'll start with a new server, but i don't know the best practice between :

- install a fresh ERA's server 6.x (import db ERA v5.x) and migration all clients to v6.x + migration with tool in ERA 7.x and same with clients


- install ERA's server in 7.x (and how can i do with clients'db on ERA v5.3.33 ?)


The first choice will cause the constraints of restarting computers a lot. All devices are not up in ERA's database. So, there's the parent company and several annexes.


Best regards.

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  • ESET Staff


EsetCloudAdministrator is limited to 250 devices so it's not an option You can use now.

Best migration scenario depends on your requirements.

  • Do You have ERAv5 servers connected in a hierarchy?
  • Is downtime in monitoring acceptable?
  • Is appliance preferable deployment?
  • Are you using parametric groups? - You will need to re-define those as we don't support migration. You might want to play with v7 a little before migrating.
  • Do you require historical logs migrated?
  • Do you require policies migrated?
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