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Scaneamento (Scans)

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Boa Tarde,

Pessoal quando eu coloco para fazer o scanner o que significar esses nomes em amarelo.  eu sei que o de vermelho e quando o arquivo esta infectado. mais o amarelo não sei,

poderia me informa.



Machine translation:
When I put to do the scanner what those names mean in yellow. I know the one in red and when the file is infected. but the yellow do not know,

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Machine translation added
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First of all, since this is an English forum we would like to kindly ask you to post in English next time so that moderators and other users can understand and help you.

Yellow records mean handled detections (threats or potentially unwanted/unsafe applications).

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I will, put an image showing how it is at the moment that I am doing the scan with the antivirus.


Because Eset does not deplete if it is unsafe or potentially unwanted.
Am I being at risk of infection through these threats?

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Thanks for the clarification, now knowing that these files that ESET is checking is not a virus but a windows system file, and ESET is only putting it as informative, because if it had viruses, ESET would detect it as a virus.

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