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Problem with upgrade agent 6.x to 7.x via SCCM

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We have SCCM server in our infrastructure. I am successfully created a new app deployment on it. 

But I have a problem with supersedence. When i select checkbox to uninstall previous version of agent new installation is fails



When I am trying to check whats wrong and run a command manually uninstall task just closes with out any information.



In Event viewer looks like it was uninstalled:



But Agent still in the system and installation of new Eset Management Agent fails in SCCM Software Center because it detects previous version of agent.

If I am unmark checkbox then ESET management Agent installed successfully but old ERA agent also still in the system..

Old agent has a password. Can I push in some way a password in command string or in .bin file for example to uninstall agent? 

I think this is my problem. Because agent is password-protected


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  • ESET Staff

Is it possible to execute installation with enabled full MSIEXEC trace logging? It should provide more details, especially in case it is caused by password protected installation.

Regarding uninstallation of password protected installation, parameter PASSWORD=<actual password goes here> for msiexec should be sufficient.

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Hello MartinK,


Thank you for  reply. I have already found a solution with registry keys removal which you have provided.

It works. Thank you




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