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Dynamic group template does not follow the rules

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Dear all,

I have dynamic group template which should filter all machines without ESET Security product installed on.
Although all conditions/rules/expressions are set correctly, besides computers without AV there are also some machines with AV in my AVless dynamic group.
Am I doing something wrong or is that some bug in ERA?




Thank you for understanding and help.


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3 minutes ago, Kieran Barry said:

Hi @greyjoy99,

Try setting it to an AND operation, then having the rules:

OS edition . OS type = Microsoft Windows (or whatever you have)

AND Installed Software . Application name has no value.


Kieran Barry

This DG wont work as expected mate.

Only scenario it would be work, when agent is setup to not list non eset products...otherwise it wont work.

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Hi @Kieran Barry and @Pinni3 ,

I have created the template by myself and there is AV product actually installed on mentioned computers in my group.
AND operation with OS edition and Installed software rules does not do the trick.

Thanks for help.


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  • ESET Staff

Next version of ESMC (not service release) will introduce new pre-defined dynamic group with following configuration:


which should work in your case. There is just one difference -> this group may contain also devices that have product installed, but for some reason it is not working properly.

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