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ESMC on Linux - Database

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we want to install the new ESMC 7 on Linux in Amazon (AWS) EC2. Does the database have to be on the same server, or can we use "Amazon RDS for SQL Server" or "Amazon RDS for MySQL" for the database? The DB would be in the same region. If so, which one would you recommend? MSSQL or MySQL?


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  • ESET Staff

Database can be on different server -> you will have to provide hostname/port during ESMC installation (installation parameter). Actually only MySQL is officially supported as database for ESMC hosted on linux, but ESMC is using ODBC drivers and should be compatible with official MS SQL Server. Unfortunately this scenario was not tested and there is no documentation.

I would recommend to stick to MySQL in case ESMC won't be used to manage more than 10000 clients, as it is verified to work correctly.

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